When one thinks of the human condition

When one thinks of the human condition, things like birth and growth may first come to mind; war rarely does. Unfortunately, concepts like conflict and war have been present throughout centuries of human civilization and will most likely continue to be exploited. Still, it’s rather interesting to analyze different viewpoints and attitudes on the subject.

Cars are very influential in humans life

Cars are very influential in humans life; that’s why choosing the right car is important; not only for yourself but also for the environment. As Elon Musk believes, “we will not stop until every car on the road is electric(Elon musk)”. Multiple current inventors trust in the future of electric cars and what they bring to the world. It’s proven that electric cars can save a lot more money than you realize and can produce better air for humans to breath, but can also cause battery problems no one wanted.

Essay about feminism

Feminism is more prevalent in pop culture than ever. On the radio, TV, podcasts, magazines--one can find feminist ideas on almost any platform. The internet looms large over the twenty-first century, so rather than listening to a traditional radio program, Americans are tuning into podcasts instead. Feminist podcasts are not a rarity, and the content of feminist podcasts is about as varied as snowflakes. One such podcast, Divided States of Women, by Liz Plank, and co-hosted with Hitha Herzog, aims to delve deep into controversial topics and their influence on women.